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Close Reading: The First Step of a Literary Analysis

Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Willem van der Meer by Michiel van Mierevelt via Wikimedia Commons

To be a good writer you need to read stories. The stories you really love are the ones that you should dissect, scrutinize, feel-out, learn from, and form opinions about. This article gives you a basic method of close reading which is the first step in learning what your favorite authors do to make their stories shake your tree...Read the article.

Literary Analyses

Robert Howard's "Gods of the North" ("The Frost Giant's Daughter")

Fantasy Magazine March 1934 - First Published the "Gods of the North"

Conan the Barbarian has always had a place in my heart and mind and Robert E. Howard is a powerful influence in my story telling and writing. In this study I hack apart one of his first Conan tales, "The Frost Giants Daughter," with some literary steel and see what makes its heart beat. Go! Run! Get to da pay-pa!

Writer Resources

Robert E. Howard's Conan the Cimmerian Barbarian Complete Weird Tales Ombnibus, Edited and Annotated by Finn J.D. John

Finn J.D. John's Audiobook of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Cimmerian Barbarian Tales

I purchased this audiobook some years back and it's a constant go to for my entertainment and study of Howard's story writing. Finn J.D. John has collected the Conan stories in this omnibus which comes with an absolutely amazing, almost 700 page PDF that also contains the text version of the Conan stories along with some great information on Robert E. Howard and his Conan tales. John's performance is entertaining and clear. I highly recommend this version if you're studying Howard.

Get it on Amazon!

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Thorn Winter Rises From Tomb In Upstate New York


Greetings, Gentlebeings! I am back after a two year long intensive fiction study and I've got some great things to share with my fellow indi authors and dramatic fiction writers.

In addition to creating the content for this web project, I have begun the noodling stages for a new Short Story Series.

If you and I met over the internet either through podcasting, stories, voice acting, improv groups, or what not, feel free to drop me an e-mail.

I now charge hazardously high ghost writing rates so unless you're packing $25,000 in cash in a sealed envelope I am not the guy for that anymore. Sorry. Focused on my own work and legacy. I'm gettin' old!

Conversely, I'm offering super cheap editing services for QUALIFIED indi authors. Inquire as to what QUALIFIED means.

Along with the great deals on editing services I'll be running some fiction writing contests with prizes to help indi authors write their best stories. That will be available through this site and a new podcast that is in the works.

I'm always happy to hear from friends. I hope you all enjoy this site as much as I am enjoying building it and writing content for it.

Greetings, Gentlebeing.

I am Thorn Winter and I write dramatic fiction and I coach other writers and edit their fiction.

I read about writing, I write about writing, I read about reading, and I write about reading, and I read fiction of all kinds and I read whatever non-fiction I am researching for a story or a client.

I couldn't possibly select a top five authors, let alone a top five books. I'm interested in discussing stories and authors though.

I am currently studying the short stories of Robert Howard, Agatha Christie, Phillip K. Dick, and James Joyce.

If you are stuck on your short story, novelette, novella, or novel, I can help. Contact me.